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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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for the report. i of the
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upgrade with the target? >> i amvisibility. i don't know if a left-turn arrow for that movement. >> my question is along similar lines. so thank you for a very good report and illustration. i realize that one way this is being facilitated is removal of parking places on the side of masonic. and the other change is removal of the peak lane. is there a peak lane in both directions? >> only in the morning on one side and evening on the other. >> in the evening time it's south and the morning north? >> that's correct. >> okay, that's my question,
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what i don't see in these proposed adjustments are modifications of the left-hand turn restrictions. i will pick one intersection for exampl we need that peak northbound and
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there are some turn restrictions in there. the one that pops in my mind and the goal is traffic call -- calming and pedestrian and bikes and we don't want people steady flow. the long way to ask the left-tun restrictions on the peak flow, northbound morning and southbound evening to eliminate this peak lane? >> the majority hayes and perk are permitted at a.m. and p.m. peak. >> okay, on the feldstreet will we have left turn restriction? >> no, the travel between oak and stell has three lanes. and it feeds into the next block
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that will merge into two to feed the rest of the project. even northbound vehicle at stell and feld is blocking and in the turn they have to go to two lanes. the two adjacent to that left-turning vehicle flows smoothly. you are going from three to two, basically. >> the improvement is not south of feld, it's north of feld. so the continue that is there south of feldwi wilwil wilwill remain. >> but south of feld, if you don't make that left turn restriction on feld-street. you will have a situation where someone in the morning hours makes a left turn you have one lane of traffic going northbound.
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>> the vehicles heading northbound on masonic as they approach feld. there are three lanes. >> what about after they cross feld? >> you will have restrictions. >> from hayes to feld, will you have three lanes of traffic? >> yes, it merges. >> where does it take place? >> mid-block. >> you see the concern, i appreciate the answer but i don't know how many are making that turn from masonic to north of feld. all it takes is one person and you are waiting for a yellow light. and you are reducing the option of that northbound traffic. not only affecting traffic flow and you have people changing lanes in pedestrian area and bike area.
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that's a concern to me. i have to say that's the only concern as i looked at this very thoroughly-done project. and your ability to answer the questions and know what is happening is impressive. but that remains a concern to me. >> i think we can sketch that out to make sure we are all understanding this. to the extent as we get into design. we identify the need for additional traffic restrictions and parking changes, we can bring those back to the mta board. maybe in the course of design, for example, we find that we would like to restrict that northbound left turn on to feld. during rush hour or otherwise, we can bring that back. >> what is the reason for not restricting that left turn? it's a pretty heavy left turn usage. the avenue is there for northbound and southbound traffic. >> yes, ultimately masonic to
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hayes north is two lanes. i think that people will line up in two lanes anticipated the merge. i don't want to call it the bottle neck. but the limiting factor is two lanes is north of hayes, and you have three from feld. and if one car is blocking the turn, and the two lanes are uniu unimpeded and carry through. >> i thought the merge was between feld , and hayes. >> it is, and you might as well line up earlier, if you turn at feld. and you might as well get into that lane that is northbound, the lanes that continue north. >> okay, your point is that you
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will blocked. i see the point. the key is that we are switching because of the median approach, so at that three-lane intersection the one lane if it's blocked by a left turn is the one lane we will lose in 250 feet anyway. >> essentially, it's the right-most lane that gets blocked but as they go through the intersection they can merge over. >> okay, it's not the one lane lost. i will stop here, but say i have a concern with this configuration in the morning time to accommodate that loss in the peak line northbound. and that's what i suggest you guys take a hard look at it. and i won't take anymore time. >> members of the board. >> yes, comment noted. when we have a drawing, it will be easier to understand. and get that to you.
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>> okay. >> coming back to the question on feld street (inaudible). do we have configuration on that? >> northbound south turn. >> thank you very much, i got lots of experience riding down masonic and surprised that i can live to tell about it. it's horrifying. >> but you had lycra on. >> yeah, had more hair. the cars don't want you on that road. they were angry. that was my sense and not just one or two, but all of them. am really excited to see this happen. and i thank the community here and the residents and the people that participated in this
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solution. i think it's brilliant and look forward to seeing it happen. a couple of observations. on slide 11, and where the bus bulb is, you have that dead space and wonder if we can be create and i have a place where debris gathers and dead space. maybe put bicycle parking there or something there. planters. but we should be mindful of utilizing that dead space. in the areas where the bus bulbs did exist. one thing i enjoyed seeing in denmark, where they had these things they also had cross walks in the cycle tracks. for people coming off the buses and alert the bicyclists and the pedestrians have the right-of-way, and need to yield
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for them. i thought that was brilliant. and for you folks to consider that as you implement this or consider them in the drawings. or decide against them. but think about in the cycle track where the unjida unloads folks. it can get chaotic when the door opens and the bicyclists getting through and pedestrians crossing. may not be that big of a deal, the speed may not cause a crash but to be mindful to prevent that would be worth our while. but this is fantastic. can't wait to see it happen. >> real quick. thanks for the great outreach. >> i am glad to see the design
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solution, and i look to continue the outreach and look beyond for the access. i know in the disability community there is concern from the bulb out across the bike track. and i second the opinions about the cross walk there to alert cyclists to crossing pedestrians. >> lee. >> i thought it was a very good presentation. it's a very exciting project. what i want to look at, when we look at the opportunities to do this, want to do it right. i look at it and there are eight blocks of residential housing there. right? and i know they will get their ebays and amazon deliveries, can we look at that park and down to one lane, can we look at?
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>> yes, that's a challenge. >> thank you. >> you have a number of members of the public to address this item. >> if okay with the board, i would like to let this woman with the child speak before me. has been waiting a long time. >> suspend the rules of order. >> good afternoon to you both. >> good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for the people that put this together. >> would you tell us your name? >> amanda pupnikles, i live on s masonic, and have lived there three years. and for years i have been concerned about the street in question. as a bicyclist it's scary. i feel vulnerable and
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defenseless. there is not a lot of consciousness about bikes there. the boulevard plan i think it will be great. for what san francisco values in terms of being eco and green and asthetically pretty. and safe. it's not a safe place and doesn't feel safe. thank you. >> mr. patele. >> abraham amadra. >> thank you, i am neal patel, a member of the san francisco bicycle coalition.
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we have been working tirelessly to improve the safety on masonic avenue for over five years. the report that we document and every account of the members of the city and the coalition to improve safety on masonic avenue. this is an essential route for getting people safely across town. we are hearing from students from university of san francisco that want to bike more and as well as professors, and that's a dozens of community that we hear from. and hear from more today. the community members have been working for five years to get this project off the ground and bring it here to you today. five years of organizing. five years of meetings, and five years of door-to-door outreach, and it's been five years of unsafe conditions that claimed a few lives. i want to thank the mta staff. james was a bit modest.
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this project and outreach project has been highly regarded by staff and other agencies in the city. he's done a tremendous job and with this strong partnership of community groups. i want to commend him on this very model process. i know when other streets look to redesign, they look at the process on masonic avenue and try to epiicate it. i want to encourage your support. and just mentioned that these critical safety improvements cannot wait any longer. thank you. >> abraham alonahal. >> good afternoon, directors and members of the public. i am abraham, owner of the business of fulton foods, located at fulton street and masonic. and i have been there for the last 18 years and have seen it all. and i am here today to give my
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comment on the masonic plan. first thing me and other 300 people who signed this petition against this plan. second there are 90% of masonic street are residents. and they need their parking spot to go on with their lives. second we need a better plan for masonic other than making it nice, beautiful and danger by making it erasing truck. for our goal is to make it safer and better environment for all. third, we are not targeting the center the problem. which is the speeding traffic. because most accidents happen from the reckless drivers that try to beat the traffic lights and where the most accidents happen. fourth, if our goal is really the safety of the pedestrians,
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we should stress and enforce the drivers who drive on masonic so dangerously to change their direction of alternative streets. by having more force on traffic lights will do the job or have a longer waiting time on masonic traffic lights will help too. that's my suggestion, my idea. finally i am for change. but this is a bad plan, and we need to have a better plan that suits all. and i am for the coalition, bicycles. and i am for the addition of bike lane. but we need to make it safer environment for all. >> edward depalma. >> good afternoon, i am a
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resident of haight ashbury district. i ride a bicycle everyday and on masonic corridor on a regular basis. and it's incredibly unsafe and i feel threatened and i am sad to say, i do ride on the sidewalk, and i don't want to get killed on the way to trader joes. i am here to ask you to approve this plan. it's a good plan, and will help myself and other bicyclists and pedestrians, and make the neighborhood look nice too. >> dan landry. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, board. my name is actually dan landy,
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no "r." i live in the north panhandle neighborhood, two blocks from grove. i am a bicyclist. i am a car driver. i am a pedestrian. and every now and then i take the 43 masonic bus. i think i avail myself of all transportation options. and i think this is an excellent plan. i will speak first as a bicyclist. i have been living in the neighborhood 15 years. and during that time bicycle transportation has definitely improved a lot. and i thank you for your part in that. i now have great ways to go east, south and west. unfortunately north the only real way to go is masonic. and as others have mentioned, it's unsafe and scary.
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i too ride on the sidewalk at night. i don't like riding on the sidewalk, but i do not want to take my life into my hands. so you will probably hear from plenty of people telling you it's necessary for cyclists. that's a no-brainer. as a car driver i have to go that way sometimes. and as was mentioned in the presentation [bell] it's a very short stretch. if traffic slows down it's not going to significantly reduce people's travel time. and frankly, i would rather be on a pleasant street when i am in my car. i sometimes go out of my way to drive on delores street. because it's so beautiful. i would love to see masonic to be beautiful also. as a pedestrian i avoid masonic.
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>> david pellpell. >> i have a number of concerns here, primarily legal. with respect of the brown act and sunshine ordinance, it requires description of the item. i don't believe that the 11-word item is appropriate and less detailed than previous items. and in a number of items the detailed traffic modifications have been included here. i don't think it's clear to the average person what the masonic street scape project is. this does not include the limits and it's not a commonly used term. i think there is a problem in terms of the brown act and sunshine ordinance to that. in regard to ceqa and the
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document did cannot include the case number and did not locate where available. not on the web, by the way, the addendum. it's not in a attachment before you. the resolution does not indicate if this board received dir and addendum. i think those are flaws procedurally. i would encourage you to delay this item or deal with these concerns. i would say that this is not just a bike plan project as i understand it. it loses parking spaces. it degrades traffic los and slows down transit. i don't understand how one can conclude it's not significant. and finally on masonic and geary, this is the first time i understood that frontage road in front of what used to be the pub. would be closed.
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that would mean that cars going east on geary and south on masonic go around the plaza and make a new and more dangerous turn. you don't know how well that is analyzed. >> laney motave. >> hi, i am tracy buck, i have lived at the corner of masonic and grove for the past 18 years. as my neighbor has said, we have seen it all. i have heard the horns honking on a daily basis. i have seen car accidents. i drive, and i need drive. and nine times out of 10, i park on masonic. whether across the street or a block away or five blocks


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